• *male celebrity gets his nudes leaked*
    • everyone: oh my gOOOOD WHERE CAN I SEE MORE IM GONNA DIE THIS IS SO HOT !1111!
    • *female celebrity gets her nudes leaked*
    • everyone: ok but why did she even take those pics,.... she was asking for it lol
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  2. sararye:

    every 1st september we joke about getting ready for hogwarts to cover up the very real and very very deep scars of never getting our letters

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  3. lacigreen:


    The only sort of pictures you should be reblogging of Jennifer Lawrence

    have unfollowed 20+ blogs on here already and i will unfollow anyone else who reblogs nude photos taken NON-CONSENSUALLY from these women.  it is sexual violation (fueled by the objectification of women) and anybody who participates that is the literal scum of the earth

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  4. 87daysbefore:

    I haven’t seen a single leaked nude on my dash so thank you all for being decent humans

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  5. allkillernofiller:

    real talk how often are you meant to change your bra

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  8. fappuclno:

    I should marry my wifi for how often it goes down on me

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